So after a couple of long months of tearing my hair out over that dreaded HTTP Error 500 that I could NOT get past or removed, we’re finally back in business!
Here’s what you missed…



I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post! So much has changed in our lives and I felt the need to sit down and talk about it. For starters, IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!! I’m so excited! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays of the year. The only one I find more fun is Halloween and that’s just because I can finally let my crazy out haha.



So here’s what’s been happening in all that time. For starters, I went to check my website one day and discovered that dreaded HTTP Error 500. When I tried to get into my dashboard behind the scenes, I received the same error. So I began searching all over the internet for a way to fix it.

Finally, after weeks of pulling my hair out by the roots, I finally caved and called my host company, Bluehost. Boy I wish I would have done that first. It took the woman literally 10 minutes and I was back online. She just had to edit one small plugin. Lesson learned right?



While working on fixing my error 500, we had some changes happen in the family. We’ve increased our numbers by four! Let me explain. Hubby and I were pulling into our driveway after a day out getting groceries with the kids (an adventure in and of itself, am I right?) when we spotted an adorable gray tabby laying on the sidewalk in front of our house.

I realized almost immediately that she was one I’d seen a few blocks from our house a month or two prior when walking with the kids. At first we thought she was dead because she was laying completely flat on her side. When I got out of the car and walked up to her, however, she lifted her head and looked at me.



She let me pick her up and once I did, I discovered another surprise. She was very clearly pregnant! So, with the weather turning colder, we brought her inside. She had her kittens a few weeks later and she’s been ours ever since. And those adorable and loving kittens have wormed their way into our hearts and have decided to stay as well.



We decided to name them Twix (tabby), CornDog (gray) and Tater (black). They’re already so big!



I actually have Twix sitting on my chest while I’m writing this tonight. The kitties aren’t the only change I’ve made over the past couple months. I’ve also gotten my hair colored!



I go to a little hair salon called Double Image and see the BEST stylist. I’ve never been disappointed with the job she’s done. She’s been with me through many of my looks over the years. She helped add some red and blonde highlights to my brown hair. What do you think? Beautiful right? I couldn’t stop beaming the entire rest of the day.

Continuing with the theme of new things, I also have a new creation in my tatting! The pattern itself isn’t mine and if you wish to create some of your own, you’ll have to check it out but I was able to create these necklaces from it and have continued making them for my Christmas tree as well.



If you’re interested in making a few of these yourself, feel free to check out the tatting pattern by Diane. You can find it, and her other pattern recommendations here. I should warn you that the link will open in a separate window so you can continue to read here.

The blue one I made for my niece for her birthday while the green one went to Baby. She just would NOT stop begging me for one while I sat making her cousin’s so I had to make one for her too. It turned out, Baby wore hers to her cousin’s party and my niece fell in love with it. A few times I saw her holding Baby’s in her hand and looking more closely at it. She was very excited to unwrap her own and put it on.

Since then, Baby has torn the stone out of hers somehow. I’m just hoping my niece’s held up better. What all have you guys been up to since last I wrote? Is there any new patterns you’ve gotten to try? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!


I hope to write again soon but until then, thank you so much for reading and happy tatting!

Thank you

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