We’ve reached the end at last! Our Tat-along is complete!

tat-along with me @ TLC

Well for starters I thought I’d give you an idea why this took me two weeks to do. There have been a lot of ups and downs over the past two weeks that kept me from getting this out last week as I’d planned. One of those reasons is the influx of orders for my spool pin doilies. I’ve been working steadily at filling those orders and have already completed 5 of my orders and here are the photos of the finished orders from the last two weeks:

8 cream 2 copper
8 Cream 2 Copper to a local customer
1 rainbow
This doily went all the way out to Fairmount, IL
1 Peacock Blues, 1 Purple Rain, 1 Cloudy Sky, 1 Dreamsicle, 1 Limewire
These colorful doilies went South to Lithia, FL
1 Rainbow
This rainbow doily went clear to the other side of the US and should be arriving in Rio Linda, CA either tomorrow or Monday!


It took a bit longer than hoped to make them but that had to do with the other things that went on over the last two weeks! The prayers we asked for two weeks ago are still in need as Baby’s surgery isn’t scheduled until May 9th. We did go see the surgeon in their clinic two weeks ago and he assauged some of my fears. She’ll only have to avoid getting her belly wet for 48 hours and the surgery itself will only take 20 minutes because her defect is so small. He said she would also be her normal self the day after her surgery and we wouldn’t even know she’d had one! These definitely helped set my mind at ease. I had visions of gore and trying to hold down an energetic two year old for a week to keep her from ripping stitches or something.

We’ve dealt with sick kids, being sick ourselves, Bubba going hoarse out of nowhere (likely from crying… he was super fussy the night before despite our best efforts to calm him…) a few trips to the doctors or hospital for various reasons. One of our trips was one to the ER because we had an accident doing yard work. Baby was helping us carry those decorative bricks you line your garden with and tripped on our brick patio, landing on the brick she was carrying with her finger trapped underneath. There was a good bit of blood but that alone didn’t concern me too much. At least not until I saw the cuts underneath and her finger start swelling up immediately.

In the end she didn’t break it, nor did she need stitches but she’s been obsessed with telling (and showing) everyone about her booboo and saying she broke it. It’s really rather amusing. I feel pretty bad about her getting hurt like that in the first place though. It was my idea for her to help out…

So in addition to all the above craziness, I’ve also had my normal housewifely duties to uphold (like the giant mountain of laundry that is still sitting on my couch waiting to be folded) so it hasn’t really left a lot of time for the tat-along! But finally yesterday I was able to sit down and actually tat it out. Now I will say that, due to my own mistakes, I do not have a final picture for you right now. But rather than delay this row further (since I already know how to fix my simple mistakes) I will give you the instructions. So here we go!

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So now without further ado, here’s the pattern!
Beads and buttons, finished item

    What You’ll Need:

  • One shuttle w/ ball or two shuttles, both using CTM
  • size 10 thread
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
  • thread clippers
  • 70 beads wound on the ball thread and 40 beads wound on the shuttle thread



  • “CTM” = Continuous Thread Method
  • “-” & “P” = Picot
  • “^” = Picot w/ bead
  • “J” = Join
  • “ds” = double stitch
  • “Clr” = Close ring
  • “RW” = Reverse work
  • “DNR” = Do Not Reverse
  • “R” = Ring
  • “Ch” = Chain
  • * = Repeat

close up of round 5

Here’s how you’ll complete round five:
*R1: 10ds, J to P of prev row, 6ds – 4ds Clr DNR
R2: 4ds, J to P of prev R, 6ds, J to next P of prev row, 10ds Clr RW and slide one bead from ball to base of these two rings.
Ch: 5ds ^ 5ds ^ 5ds ^ 5ds
R: (this ring will use 4 beads total) 5ds ^ 5ds ^ 5ds ^ 5ds Clr with fourth bead at the base, RW
Ch: 5ds ^ 5ds ^ 5ds ^ 5ds
Repeat from * around and join final Ch to base of first R. Tie, Cut and Weave in ends.

Note please be very careful that you do NOT twist your work! I accidentally twisted my chain when making my second join and thus screwed up the way my last chain joined. It doesn’t look as clean as the other joins.

twisted first join

That’s it! We’re done! For those of you who are beginners and aren’t sure how to tat with beads, I recommend this tutorial. You’ll use the second part of her second method shown, where the beads are held in the ring as you tat and added to the outside of the ring. You’ll use her first method to add your beads to the chains. I hope to have my own row five fixed and photographed here sometime in the next couple weeks and I’ll share it with you here. In the meantime, for those of you who work faster than me or don’t have orders to fill, please feel free to share pictures of your finished doilies on our Facebook page. We certainly look forward to seeing them! Even Hubby likes to look at your beautiful creations!

Thank you

Well that’s it for this tat-along! I plan to get a page set up specifically for my free tatting patterns soon! You can look forward to this pattern being placed on that site so you can see the whole thing in one place instead of through several blog posts. Also, due to the number of orders I currently have to fill, we will not be having another tat-along for a little while, at least until I can get caught up! Instead, look for me to post life and tatting updates here on the blog. I plan to try to get at least one post a week showing what we’re up to here!

4 comments on “Tat-along; Buttons and Beads”

  1. Thanks for posting the final round. I’ll be tatting it up later today. If you have a chance, please check out http://palmettotatters.org/patterns/GlossaryTattingTermsPTGTatDays.pdf This is a listing of Tatting abbreviations. Not all inclusive, but it does help to have all tatters on the same page. Your use of ^ threw me (thank goodness you did a list of your abbreviations) as I saw it as a very small picot (construction picot) when you meant Bead (which is usually B or BBB for multiple beads) Good luck with the little ones. I look forward to seeing what you create in the future.

    • @Sharon thank you!!! I’ve been trying to find something like this! I wasn’t having any luck! I’ll definitely use this in the future and update my pattern with the correct abbreviations even I get a chance.

  2. Hi
    Am Amritha S Prabhu newly joined.I have only instructions of 5th round.All other rounds I don’t have.Please I request you to give me instructions of other rounds too.Also I want the pattern instruction of spool pin doily please it looks so lovely

    • Amritha you can find the instructions for the other rounds in prior n blog posts. If you want just the tat-along posts, simply click that to the right under categories and it will sort them for you.

      As for the spool pin doilies pattern, they are made using the first 3 rows of my flower power doily pattern which you can find for sale here.

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