Please be patient while we make some adjustments and changes to our site!


We have decided to change our e-commerce to another vendor through which we will be selling our goods. Don’t worry, your purchases are still going directly to us and you will still be buying on our website, we are just changing the program we’re using to post our products up for sale. We are hoping this will take care of any issues with our payments. This new e-commerce will also allow us to integrate our shop on our Facebook page. This is a great opportunity both for us and for you, the customer! It not only allows us to extend our customer base but it also allows you to find us more easily.


As we are making these changes, our shop may or may not be available. If it any point you discover it is missing, please be patient and it will return. We are also making some cosmetic changes to our website to help it fit with the new shop. We want things to look cleaner and more streamlined to help keep you from being distracted from our products and avoid it looking too busy.


Thank you for your understanding during this process! As always you are welcome to follow us on our Facebook Page for more updates and notifications.

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