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We have been accepted into a new affiliation! Read on to find out more!


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen (who says only women can tat? Huh? Who?!) we have been accepted into the affiliation with Tatting Corner!


So what does that mean exactly? Well the short answer to this is that now we have a special link just for us that we can share on our blog, in our ad space, on Facebook, Twitter, and even in promotional photos on Instagram. When someone visiting OUR site clicks one of these links and purchases one of the items on Tatting Corner, we gain a commission from that purchase!


What does this mean for you, as a reader or customer? Simply that you will start to see more Tatting Corner ads on our webpage and will find links to the specific products used to make our items when we talk about them on our blog. This will help you find the specific materials you need to complete future projects and tat-along events we will be hosting throughout the year.


Now we want to stop here and specify that just because these ads are present on the site, and just because we link the materials back to Tatting Corner where we purchased them, that does not mean that you, the customer/reader/fellow tatter, should feel like you HAVE to purchase from the same vendor. There are plenty of reasons why you SHOULD purchase from Tatting Corner but if you have your own preferred supplier, please do feel free to use them! So without further ado, here is our very first Tatting Corner ad!

Thread and notions at Tatting Corner

Thank you so much for being loyal readers and customers for Threads of Life Creations. We certainly hope we can help Tatting Corner receive the business they definitely deserve. Their customer service is amazing and the owner is more than willing to speak with anyone on Facebook or through e-mails. In fact, we have been in contact for several weeks prior to her affiliate program coming available. She’s really a great woman to talk to and she does what she can for her customers.


In closing, please understand the affiliate links will be changing on our site and you do not need to feel in any way obligated to use them, though it gives us a small bonus if you do!

Thank you

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