Meagan is a crazy, crafty, courageous mother of two. She is into all things crafty and has dipped her toes into the waters of scrap-booking, jewelry making and even food art! Having tried so many crafts, she quickly learned her passion is for things involving thread; i.e. sewing, crochet, cross stitch and tatting. She enjoys each of them so much that she decided to make a blog about it! She is also passionate about her two children, a girl called Baby and a boy called Bubba.


Meagan is a stay at home mother to these two little devils and thinks they are the greatest things in the world, despite Baby’s temper tantrums and toddler antics and Bubba’s incessant need to nurse. She gets help caring for her beautiful babies on the weekends by another of her passions, her husband, Hubby.


Hubby is a truck driver and the sole provider for their family. He is a Hardworking, Loving and Loyal husband and father. He is also Meagan’s biggest supporter, both financially and emotionally. He keeps her in thread for her crafts and gives her a break from the kids when he can so she can have a few very rare moments of peace and quiet. He also helps get everyone ready on Sunday mornings when everyone goes to church to worship Meagan’s final passion; Christ.


Christ is Meagan’s first love. She gave her life to Him on Easter Sunday of her 21st year and has never looked back. The peace and love she felt in that moment, and all the moments since, when talking to Christ have brought her through some of her darkest moments. She wouldn’t trade her God for anything and will gladly talk about Christ and his works in her life to anyone willing to listen. She loves praying for others in need as she knows from experience that God DOES answer prayer.


About Threads of Life Creations


Threads of Life Creations is a blog and online store created by Meagan. In the store section of the website, you’ll find many handmade items for sale such as tatted doilies, decorated eggs, sewn baby booties and more as well as patterns created by Meagan herself! In the blog section of the website you’ll find all the happenings in Meagan’s life, in addition to some posts about her crafts and maybe even some free patterns!

It is a business meant for the creation of things using thread and a way for Meagan to express and share her creativity with others. She also intends for the shop to help support her crafting habit and eventually help support her husband’s income.